Immobilization Products

Breast Treatment Module EX™

The Breast treatment module EX is the latest innovation in a series of interchangeable breast treatment modules. It is specifically designed to host the EagleBoard-2 and can be used on the OmniCouch, the OmniBoard or the FlexBoard.

Pelvic patient positioning

Radiotherapy in the pelvic region requires special attention for patient positioning and patient comfort during treatment. MacroMedics® offers a range of patient positioning boards for this specific region of radiotherapy. These products combine a high level of adjustment possibilities with features which allow the use of ‘arc’ techniques.

Radiotherapy of Extremities

Patient positioning for radiotherapy treatment of extremities requires a high level of flexibility, but has to be rigid and accurate at the same time. This is exactly what MacroMedics®’ solutions for the radiotherapy treatment of extremities facilitate. The affected hand, foot, knee or elbow can be fixed straight or at an angle in the desired position, using the user friendly thermoplastic masks. Meanwhile, the unaffected limb can be positioned out of the treatment area.


Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) are known for being highly effective forms of radiotherapy for treating cancer cells, while doing as little damage as possible to the healthy tissue. Accurate patient positioning is crucial for these forms of radiotherapy to reach their full effect. The MacroMedics® positioning boards and accessories for SBRT and SRS are user friendly, have been designed for quick and easy set up and offer maximum comfort to the patient, therefore facilitating accurate patient positioning.

Couchtops for radiotherapy

MacroMedics® offers versatile couchtops for diagnostic image modalities and radiotherapy, as well as the OmniCouch™ which is part of the MacroMedics Disease Specific Care Platform (DSCP) series. The OmniCouch™ allows patients to be positioned for most common radiotherapy treatments, without the necessity of changing modules for adjusting the table length.

Miscellaneous products

MacroMedics® offers a range of products which add to the comfort of patients during radiotherapy. For instance, we offer several vacuum cushions for head and body support which are easy to clean, simple to use and cost-effective. The BOLX bolus material comes in various thicknesses and sizes to fit your needs in the radiotherapy of cancer tumours close to the surface of the skin.

Thermoplastic masks and moulding

Thermoplastic masks are a necessity for radiotherapeutic treatment for many forms of cancer. The masks have to be comfortable for the patient, rigid enough to ensure the right patient positioning, but also easy to mould. MacroMedics offers the MacroCast thermoplastic mask range: masks, a water bath and a convection oven to mould thermoplastic masks in the easiest way possible.