OSL Equipment

myOSLraser 2.0

The OSL reader myOSLraser 2.0 (reader + eraser) is an automatic device for evaluation of OSL dosimeters called "myOSL" dosimeters with a loading capacity of one dosimeter manual device for evaluation of its single OSL dosimeter called "myOSL" dosimeters. Equipped with a feeder it automatically processes up to 200 myOSL dosimeter per loading. The myOSLraser also includes an erasing unit (4 LEDs) which also provides the capability of erasing the residual signal from the OSL detectors in the same device. This function can be activated or deactivated if a second readout is requested according to an adjusted dose threshold.

myOSLautomatic 50

The myOSLraser 4.0 can easily be upgraded to an automatic system to process 50 dosimeters per loading. It comes with 10 magazines which can be loaded with 50 myOSL dosimeter each.


myOSLchip is a handheld OSL reader which can be used to read and *erase its compatible dosimeters called myOSLchip dosimeter. The myOSLchip is equipped with a touch display which allows autonomously measurements without PC connection. Internal Data Matrix scanner identifies the individual number of the myOSLchip dosimeters.