TLD Equipment

RE-2000 - automatic TLD Reader

RE-2000 is an universal, low cost and high precision TLD reader for automatic or manual processing of dosimeter cards and single chips.

TLDcube - manual TLD-Reader

TLDcube is a small, lightweight and portable TLD Reader for measuring, analyzing and evaluating of thermoluminescent materials. Modern design and software combine easy operation and excellent performance in this newly developed reader. The ceramic heater with defined nitrogen cooling in the rotating drawer accepts all standard TLD shapes.


The TLD annealing oven TLD Heat has specially been developed for thermoluminescent dosimetry. It is used for the annealing of TLDs before irradiation and for preheating after irradiation and before reading by a TLD reader. The stainless steel heating chamber with air circulation is characterized by its excellent temperature uniformity. Reproducible heating and cooling cycles are essential for thermoluminescent dosimeters to maintain constant sensitivity and low background readings.


RadPro provides different dosimeters for different appllication. Our stanadrd dosimeter can be used for personal dosimetry, environmental dosimetry, medical application.